Work plan

BIOTRANSFORM started in October 2022 and will cover a period of 30 months. It is structured in 6 interconnected work packages (WPs)


WP1 - Knowledge consolidation and setting the scene

WP1 will set from KPIs definition to desk research to knowledge consolidation of environmental, economic and social barriers as well as overall knowledge gaps in both (i) linear fossil systems and (ii) circular bio-based systems. The proposed desk research will be based on information provided by case-study region representatives (case-study leading partners) and information from stakeholder surveys and interviews

WP2 - Developing BIOTRANSFORM’s assessment package

WP2 will oversee the development of the BIOTRANSFORM’s “assessment package”, which will include 3 complementary tools: (i) Resource flow analysis tool, (ii) a cutting-edge environmental, social and economic assessment tool provided, and (iii) Logistics management service (MooV). Additionally, a user manual for the implementation of the different tools will be developed considering relevant variables

WP3 - Co-implementation of the transition to a circular bioeconomy

WP3 will be used to optimise transition pathways in each region through a feedback loop until arriving at an optimal transition pathway through stakeholders’ participation for active co-creation through feedback. WP3 will also analyse the current situation (bio-based transition progress, usage of resources, outputs etc.) regarding the linear fossil-based economy directly with local and regional stakeholders through workshops. These workshops will also serve as link for capacity building activities and peer-learning resources

WP4 - Governing the transition

WP4 will layout the overall methodology as well as provide recommendations for the transition towards a circular bioeconomy starting from a fossil-based linear model tailored to policymakers. To this end, WP4 will utilise the outputs generated in WP3 (optimal transition pathway results) to interpret the technical data and insights and provide a strategic methodology for the desired transition while considering critical aspects such as governance, policymaking, market, technological, social, financing possibilities and general recommendations. WP4 will also heavily focus on reducing the gap between scientific outputs and policymakers by ensuring that the overall methodology provided is developed with information presented in an intuitive and easily understandable manner that may be effectively used by policymakers without advanced knowledge about science.

WP5 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

WP5 will ensure tangible widespread results with lasting impacts through promoting the dissemination, communication, and exploitation of results through a well-defined and specific DEC plan, while also fostering the liaison with other potential initiatives as well as other project that stand to benefit from the cooperation. At the same time WP5 will also provide the means for effective activities directed towards an enhanced roll-out and adoption of BIOTRANSFORM across all Europe.

WP6 - Project Coordination and Management

WP6 is dedicated to the project’s management, coordination and monitoring of activities that will enable the efficient progress of the project, meeting the contractual obligations and the quality expectancies of the consortium’s activities and outputs.
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