BIOTRANSFORM showcased at Expobiomasa

On May 9th, the European project BIOTRANSFORM was presented at the Expobiomasa professional fair by the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) consultant María García.

The fair, organized by the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM), has more than 350 exhibitors, the presence of more than 30 countries and an average of 12,000 visitors each year, with the aim of publicizing the novelties of the biomass sector.

The European project BIOTRANSFORM aims to provide European policy makers with an appropriate policy assessment and development framework, a knowledge base and a support ecosystem of experts to accelerate the transition from fossil-based linear systems to circular biotechnology-based systems.

At the event, María García explained to the attendees what the project consists of, what are the main problems with the exploitation of fossil resources, the risks of raw materials in long and globalized supply chains, the challenges faced by rural regions to retain the young generation and create sufficient job prospects for them, among others.

She also explained the three tools proposed by BIOTRANSFORM to carry out the transformation: Resource flow analysis that suggests circular bioeconomy solutions, A logistics tool to allow the optimal flow of resources and a quick impact assessment tool to assess the best possible decision.

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