BIOTRANSFORM’s activities to Zenodo

We're excited to share a major update on our project. We've uploaded important new knowledge and findings from BIOTRANSFORM’s activities to Zenodo.

First, we gathered a lot of data for an extensive database that includes insights from a comprehensive review of current circular bioeconomy solutions, encompassing processing technologies, end-products, logistics, market and policy incentives, legal best practices, and associated measurement indicators (such as circular material use rates, readiness levels, conversion efficiencies, and methodologies for accessing/mapping primary/secondary bio-resources). This review drew upon literature and existing projects, focusing on underutilised infrastructures that could support a transition towards circular bio-based approaches in our case-study regions and the proposed industry segments.

Additionally, we obtained results from interviews and surveys we conducted with policymakers and other stakeholders from our case-study regions, exploring the limitations of current linear and fossil-based systems. We also investigated the barriers and opportunities for transitioning to a circular bioeconomy. Results from all six case-study regions were aggregated and analysed to identify potential similarities and differences.

Last but not least, we also created a general repository functioning like a library, housing a comprehensive collection of studies on how creating and using things in a circular way impacts the environment, society, and the economy. The 122 selected publications in the repository are classified according to a color-coded multicriteria scheme, making it easy for the target user to determine and select methodologies that are most relevant to them.



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