The EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System and BIOTRANSFORM’s approach

The EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System is an approach to monitor bioeconomy across EU states and create a means of comparability in order to achieve the objectives of the Bioeconomy Strategy. This system provides comprehensive, robust and reliable information to monitor all areas of bioeconomy in an interactive dashboard that allows tracking bioeconomy’s progress towards sustainability in the EU and its Member States. The identified indicators used in the monitoring system are summarized in headline indicators spanning the areas of “primary production systems”, “secondary production systems”, “waste and circularity”, “ecosystem conditions”, and “trade” as illustrated in the figure above. These headline and subsequently sub-level indicators represent one of the most recent approaches that is easily applicable by stakeholders and political decision-makers.


In order to definite BIOTRANSFORM’s case-study regions related indicators, we utilised the headline indicator level as a starting point to develop more detailed and context specific indicators tailored to the needs and challenges of our targeted industries and transition pathways.





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