ΒIOTRANSFORM had a booth stand to disseminate our innovative approaches to support sustainable and circular bioeconomy at the #EUBCE 2024, highlighting the role of innovative initiatives and European Projects aimed at advancing sustainable practices in the bioeconomy sector.

During the event's first day, BIOTRANSFORM introduced a comprehensive assessment framework designed to evaluate the feasibility of bioeconomy initiatives across EU regions. Τhe project featured its efforts in Finland, exploring lignin extraction from black liquor to produce eco-friendly anodes. This initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition from fossil fuels to sustainable bio-based products. BIOTRANSFORM's Prospective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) found that lignin-based anodes generally outperform conventional ones in environmental metrics, although conventional anodes excel in water use and land use change. To enhance clarity, assessments were normalized for better comprehension and informed decision-making.

On the following day, BIOTRANSFORM led a panel discussion alongside @SUSTRACK and @ROBIN projects, shared their experiences and knowledge generated through their activities on issues related to the challenges EU regions face to transition into a circular bioeconomy. Special stress was given to the importance of targeted policies and funding opportunities that support education in bioeconomy, providing incentives to the private sector and decrease bureaucracy, as well as the use of tools developed to monitor regional progress and assist policymakers in decision-making when planning and engaging to circular bioeconomy transformations.



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